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Big Money, the game of risky rolls and fabulous fortunes, combines what you love about famous dice and money games into a simple, stylish package! Kids and adults ages 8 to 88 will love rolling the dice, raking in the dough, breaking the bank and accumulating assets. Big Money is quick and easy to learn, making it the perfect board game for family nights, organized events, or birthday parties.

In Big Money, dreams of becoming a technology mogul or sports franchise owner are about to come true. The object of the game is simple— have the most money when the bank runs out! Each of the 1 to 5 players starts with a starting Asset in one of the 5 Industries: Sports, Food, Travel, Entertainment, or Technology. Then, players take turns rolling 5 dice, rerolling some to get better combinations, like a Straight, Full House, or even 5 of a Kind. Depending on your final roll, you’ll earn money to spend on more Assets from the Market.

Along with the 5-number dice, an Industry die is rolled every turn to determine which kind of assets will reward bonus money that turn. Will you work to dominate a particular industry, getting big payouts when your lucky symbol is rolled, or diversify to try and collect every turn? But watch out— Biz News cards can have harsh consequences for you and your competitors, like Bubble Bursts, Liquidation, Industry Crashes, and Antitrust Fines!

Anyone who’s played popular dice or money games will quickly see what’s to like about Big Money. We recommend ages 8 and up, but with a little help, people of all ages can have fun playing. In Big Money, there’s something to love for everyone!

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