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  • YOUR NEW FAVORITE TRIVIA GAME IS HERE: Bezzerwizzer is a fun party game with a new twist on trivia that includes stealing and tile-swapping for fast-paced gameplay.

  • FUN PARTY GAME: Gather up your friends and get ready for a fun game night of trivia, tactics, and trickery. No need to be a trivia buff to have fun with this game - everyone can have a great time by simply tapping into what they know best!

  • STRATEGY GAME: Steal questions from your opponents. Swap categories for what you know best. Then bet on your strengths by assigning points to the categories. Trick your opponents into believing what they think are your strengths, and then use those tactics to get ahead!

  • HIGHLY VARIABLE: Both trivia knowledge, tactics and not least knowing better determines who will win. With plenty of questions in 20 different categories and a tactically unique gameplay, Bezzerwizzer offers many hours of entertainment for quiz lovers everywhere.

  • NUMBER OF PLAYERS AND AVERAGE PLAYTIME: This fun party game is designed for 2 to 12 players and is suitable for ages 14 and older. Average playtime is approximately 45 minutes.

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