Banana Bandits

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The Big Boss of a Gorilla Crime Organization is retiring...
All of His Top Lieutenants Are Doing Battle to See Who Will Become The Top Banana!

The big boss is retiring to go live on a plantation down south, so his top lieutenants are going to battle it out to see who gets to take his place as the new head of the Banana Bandits. It could be you, as long as you don’t slip up.

In Banana Bandits, you take on the role of a hopeful ape waging war across an impressive 3D building. Each turn, you spend action points to move around the building, play power cards, and deal out damage to your competition. If you manage to land a blow, that ape will be driven back, dropping their own Gorilla coins in the windows they pass. If you can collect two different Gorilla coins, you can exchange them for a Banana coin at the top of the building. Power cards unlock special abilities, like allowing you to attack another ape anywhere on the building, swapping positions with another ape, or rerolling all your dice after an attack. Use your simian smarts and strength to be the first gorilla to collect three Banana coins and you’ll get the job as the next big boss.

For 2-4 Players
30 minute playing time
Ages 8 and up

1 3D Tower
6 Attack Dice
2 Bonus Dice
4 Gorilla Figures
4 Gorilla Markers
40 Cards
44 Gorilla Coins
10 Banana Coins
1 Rulebook

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