Ascension: Skulls & Sails

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Ascension is a series of standalone deck-building strategy games where players continuously improve their deck as they make crucial choices with public decks of cards, such as buying powerful upgrades or defeating monsters for victory points. In ascension: skulls & sails, conquer the high seas and Captain your ship to explore all corners of the severed sea! Find treasure, use your crew to acquire powerful cards, and defeat terrifying sea monsters in this pirate-themed version of the award-winning ascension deck-building strategy Game. Throughout the Game, players start with a small group of loyal but untrained followers, you acquire mighty heroes and powerful constructs to aid you in your quest to defeat evil monsters and achieve victory. Each turn, you will play cards to gain resources. These resources will allow you to acquire new heroes and constructs for your deck and defeat monsters to earn rewards. At the end of the Game, the player with the most honor from cards they have acquired and monster rewards is the winner. Contents: 200 cards 50 Honor tokens Game board rule book 4 ship dial counters (new!)

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