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Ascension is a fast paced deckbuilding game designed by Magic Pro Tour champions Justin Gary, Rob Dougherty, and Brian Kibler, with artwork by Eric Sabee. Ascension is a deckbuilding game where players spend Runes to acquire more powerful cards for their deck. It offers a dynamic play experience where players have to react and adjust their strategy accordingly. Gameplay is similar to other deckbuilding games, with the player adding cards to their deck by purchasing them from a shared center deck, which has the top six cards revealed and available for purchase. When cards are removed, they are replaced with a new one from the top of the deck. Honor points are earned in three ways: firstly, each card purchased is worth one or more Honor; second, Honor can be gained by defeating monsters with a Power resource featured on several of the cards; finally, some cards give Honor directly each time they are played.

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