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This is the best anime game ever!
All anime fans love this game because of the nostalgic anime they grew up with combined with all of the new anime references!
Be Warned: This is going to bring you a night full of weebs yelling at each other, but in a good way. We promise!
This game is literally for everybody. It is nostalgic, fun and memorable! It will give you an amazing experience every time you play no matter who you play with. 

Just as a heads up…
If you like:
★ Yelling
★ Matching
★ Anime 
★ Having A Good Time
★ Fan Service Imagery

Then you need Animenia! Because after you play a few cards you won’t want the fun to end! This game includes 57 image cards and 3 Let’s Duel cards to provide you with a different experience every time you play! The game is meant to be intense and incredibly fun!

It’s not just a game for the anime lovers.
In our rules pamphlet we give you all of the possibilities of game play and what to do. Just remember the more you play the better you will get but it can also make it harder! The real point is to just have fun. There should not be any fighting while playing because we make it easy to get out of any tie breaker.

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