Animal Adventures: the Faraway Seas Sourcebook

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Greetings, adventurer! In your paws is a sourcebook for the world’s favourite roleplaying game. Unfurl your dog-eared map and leave port for a campaign and setting unlike any other – The Faraway Sea! These wondrous waves are home to an ever-changing archipelago where unique islands come and go with the passing days thanks to mysterious magical forces. Perfect for an enterprising explorer such as yourself! Around the Faraway Sea, a strange community has sprung up: the floating city of Flotsam, a haven for adventurers (and oddballs) of all kinds. Intriguing mysteries and incredible discoveries lurk on two legs or four. For instance, Flotsam once had a twin, Jetsam, which suddenly vanished without a trace several years ago… Many exotic creatures call the Faraway Sea home. Play as awakened animals of all races in your travels, including an orangutan, sea otter, albatross, and more! Within this book is everything you need to begin exploring the Animal Adventures world: Rules for creating your own awakened animal characters A gazetteer packed with information, plot hooks, and mysteries A bestiary stuffed with villains, monsters, and potential friends, including 10 new playable animal species and 25 non-player characters! 6 new classes and subclasses 11 ever-changed islands to explore, filled with adventure, danger, and magic 3 thrilling adventures to plunge you deep into the world of the Faraway Sea 10 battlemaps and an overworld map 14 new magic items, and much, much more! You can use this book to start a brand new roleplaying campaign, or add the Faraway Sea to existing campaigns. What are you waiting for? Hoist the mainsail, lift the anchor! The Faraway Sea awaits...

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