Animal Adventures: The Dogs of Gullet Cove

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Play as one of these RPG player characters:

A Druid of the Sea, Luna the black Labrador is as cute as she is powerful. Plus, she can control the sea. Is it any wonder this adorable lab is in demand across Gullet Cove?

A Fighter, Roger the Staffordshire Bull Terrier was awakened late in life. In fact, he sometimes forgets he can speak—but he never forgets how to use a blade (or his teeth!)

A Bard, Bartolomy the timid Basset Hound often finds himself in terrifying situations. At least it makes for excellent poems. Although, he’d much rather be in the library.

A Paladin, Reximus the Doberman found his calling as a young puppy, when he defended a human child against a pack of hungry street dogs. Now, this heroic canine devotes his life to protecting the innocent.

A Cleric, Zoe the English Sheepdog is a true and committed servant of the Good Mother. Don’t mistake her goodness for weakness; when riled, she’s a ferocious warrior who wields her magic well!

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