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MORE BUILDZI FUN: The creators of the fast stacking building game BUILDZI bring you the 99 MORE BUILDZI Towers expansion pack featuring 5 new styles of tower cards. You'll need to purchase the original BUILDZI game separately.

FAST STACKING: BUILDZI is fun because it's fast and easy to learn. With 5 new types of tower cards it's more fun than ever. Flip over your Tower Card and be the first to build your block tower.

MORE WAYS TO PLAY: If you're a fan of the TENZI family of games then you know there's not just one way to play this block stacking party game. 99 More BUILDZI Towers new card types include Crazi-Colors, 3D Builds, Flip-Flop, One Hand, Build By Numbers cards as well as the BUILDZI Challenge

TEACHERS LOVE BUILDZI: Playing BUILDZI can help develop and reinforce many STEM skills. Students will utilize Problem Solving, Creativity, Communication, Inquiry, Engineering/Design Thinking, Critical Thinking and Collaboration skills to complete any of the BUILDZI building block games. It's perfect for early finishers and is a great team building game.

BUILDZI CHALLENGE: Looking for something more? Bigger? Taller? The BUILDZI Challenge could be the inspiration you need to make an All 32 build or even a Skyscraper Build.

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