Get In with the “Out” Crowd: Geek Out!

Geek Out! is a party game that can determine once and for all which player is the most knowledgeable about your favorite pop culture subjects.

You draw cards asking you to list a certain number of things that fall under a certain category: comic books, fantasy, games, science fiction, and miscellaneous. Before you begin however the other players may try to steal your points (and bragging rights!) by bidding to list even more than the card requires. The bidding continues until one player is ready to “out-geek” their friends. Collect a predetermined number of cards and you win!

Playing Geek Out!

There are many ways Geek Out! helps add to the party atmosphere: it’s fast, fun, and easy to learn for casual gamers of all levels; Geek Out! can be played competitively or cooperatively with friends; Geek Out!’s unique play style makes it a great ice breaker with new acquaintances; Geek Out! is, most importantly, perfect for those nights when you can’t decide what to do. Geek Out! will be the highlight of your part and even start some lively debates amongst friends.

Geek Out is so much fun and everyone I know loves playing games like this on game night.

It’s a great way to get everyone together and have a laugh. The Trivia cards are always fun, but I really love the “miscellaneous” category as it allows for some hilarious answers from my friends. Sometimes you just can’t beat those nights full of laughter!

What Makes a Great Trivia Game?

Trivia games are a great way to build friendships and bring people together. Trivia games can be the perfect addition to parties, game nights, or casual get-togethers. They are fun no matter who you play with!

I don’t think there is anything better than playing trivia at home with my friends on our own personal game night. It’s something everyone loves doing when they’re not working hard all week long. Trivia has always been one of my favorite things to do because it brings out so much laughter in any situation – especially during those stressful moments where we could use some laughs!

A good trivia game will always impress your guests and family members alike by bringing them together over their shared interests. Trivia games are also great icebreakers when you have friends or family over, and they make for a fun way to bond with the people closest in your life. Trivia games can be played competitively or cooperatively depending on what everyone is looking for – it’s nice to know there are options out there! Trivia games can also help determine once and for all who really knows their stuff about one certain thing that interests you- talk about bragging rights! Trivial Pursuit has always been an old reliable classic game but I’m excited to try this new trivia game called Geek Out because it seems like something different compared to other board/card games.

The Value of Trivia Games for a Game Night

Trivia games are a great way to spend time with friends and family as well as bond over your shared interests. Trivia games can be fun whether you’re playing competitively or cooperatively! Trivia games also make for a fantastic ice breaker when meeting new people because it gives everyone something in common that they love to discuss. Trivial Pursuit is an old reliable classic trivia game, but I’m excited about testing out Geek Out- this one seems like it’s going to bring some laughs too!

Sometimes we need those nights where there isn’t anything else happening besides hanging out with our closest friends and family. Trivia games are a great way to bring everyone together and have some fun “geeking out”. Trivia games especially make for an awesome ice breaker when you’re meeting new people because it helps get the conversation going somewhere other than awkward silence!

Let’s be honest- trivia night is always more fun with friends By playing Geek Out, my family gets unique insight into each of our interests in geek culture such as video gaming, comics & superheroes, anime/manga, or just Star Wars… It’s so much fun that we even had all the adults play against the kids at our last game night party and let me tell ya: they did not stand a chance! That was probably one of my favorite things I’ve done yet this year.

Geek Out Trivia Game: Get in with the Out Crowd

Trivia games like Geek Out are a great way to bring everyone together and bond over your shared interests. Trivia nights especially make for an awesome ice breaker when meeting new people because it helps get the conversation going around something that you all love! It’s also super fun to play against each other (even adults vs kids) at game night parties like I did recently- they didn’t stand a chance against me 😉

Do You Plan on Testing out Geek Out With Your Friends? Let Us Know what You Think About Trivial Pursuit Games in the Comments Below! Can’t wait to read them… And of course, don’t forget about sharing this post if you know someone who would love this game!

So, if you’re interested in Trivia games, or just a good laugh, check out Geek Out! and buy it today!


Wits And Wagers: Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

Trivia games are usually only really fun for people who know trivia. After all, how are you gonna go up against the guy with an encyclopedic knowledge of history when you barely passed social studies?  Wits and Wagers levels the playing field by turning your typical trivia board game into a gambling free-for-all. You’ll place bets on the guesses of your friends, earning points and poker chips every time you get it right. Wits and Wagers proves that you don’t always have to be the brain of the group to win–sometimes you just need to bet on him!

Make Your Guess

One of the coolest parts of the board game Wits and Wagers is that it comes with a bunch of cool components that allow you to make your guesses and place your bets with style. The board game comes with 100 question cards that all have questions on them such as “How many hills are there in Rome?” or “How many feet are there in a football field?”

Players are all given their own small dry erase board and pen on which to write their guesses each round. Those who aren’t widespread in their trivia knowledge have no need to fret. The winner of the round is the person whose bet comes closest to the actual answer without going over it. The game comes with 700 questions in categories such as Pop Culture, History & Government, Sports, and even Wild & Zany.

Place Your Bets

The thing that sets Wits and Wagers apart from other trivia board games is that it adds a gambling component to the game. If you have no idea what the answer to the question is but you believe one of your friends knows the answer, then you can bet on the answer you believe to be correct using poker chips. These come in different colors to signify 1, 5, and 25 points per chip.

The board game also comes with a large felt mat where you lay down your chips to make your bet. Once all the players have made their guesses and revealed their answers, they’ll lay the dry erase boards down on the mat from lowest to highest. Players then get 30 seconds to place their bets on any player’s guesses. This is where it pays to know people because if your dad is a history buff, chances are he’s the guy who would know which year the Declaration of Independence was signed.

Cashing In the Chips

Each slot pays out a different amount in the event that the answer is correct. While the middle slot pays out 2-1, the slots go up to 3-1, 4-1, and even 5-1 for the guesses on either side. If the correct answer turns out to be even smaller than the smallest guess or higher than the highest guess, then whoever bets on that slot will be paid out 6-1 for their bet.

Wits and Wagers Sequels

Wits and Wagers has released several sequel games that add new themes or rules to the original board game. Super Wits pits heroes against villains, using the original rules of the game while adding special powers that each player can use. If you bet on your own answer, you can do things such as change the payout odds or switch the bet of one of your friends after the answers have been revealed.

Wits and Wagers Family simplifies the game to make it easier to play and more appropriate for kids. It also removes the gambling element of the game by using a “Meeple” playing piece to place bets and score points instead of using poker chips.

Wits and Wagers: Where Trivia Meets Gambling

Wits and Wagers is playable by 3-7 players, which makes it a great game for small parties or family game nights. It’s also suitable for ages 10 and up, as younger players can easily enjoy betting on one of the adults’ answers rather than having to know the trivia themselves. Playing time lasts around 25 minutes, which is perfect for a small icebreaker game. Buy Wits and Wagers today and put your money where your mouth is!


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