Runes and Regulations: Bring a Little Magic to the Neighborhood

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If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to add a little magic into the mundanity of life, never fear.  Runes & Regulations lets you experience all the wonder of a fearsome dragon combined with the passive-aggressiveness of a suburban unicorn.  In this one-of-a-kind card game, you’ll have to master the magical arts if you want to summon 5 Mythical Creatures and win the game.

Players will activate enchanted Runes, cast magical Spells, and summon fantastical Creatures all while following the restrictive Regulations of the local Homeowners Association.  Do you have the guts to Hex your neighbors and fight your way to the top in this dynamic card game?

Summoning Mythical Creatures

The goal of Runes & Regulations is to collect 5 different Mythical Creatures on your lawn.  This includes such beauties as the Rune-Eating Dragon, the Spoiled Unicorn, and the always delightful Griffin With a Tiny Head.  The first person to collect all 5 Mythical Creature cards wins the game, so you’ll have to battle Hexes and the Runes in order to build your magical menagerie.

Each creature has different triggers and effects listed on the card underneath a quirky drawing of the magical animal.  For example, if you have the Fetching Pegasus on the lawn, anytime you try to cast a spell you must first discard one of your cards.  The Rune-Eating Dragon, true to its name, will destroy a Rune anytime it enters your lawn.  

Runes are another interesting component of the game that you can trigger when someone else tries to make a play.  The Toastinator 2000 forces a player to draw 2 cards instead of discarding one, while the Gnasty Gnome will destroy a Mythical Creature instead of allowing it to be stolen from your lawn.  There’s no mercy in Gnome-land!

Hexes and Homeowners Associations

In addition to Runes, which can be cast on the other players, Runes & Regulations allows you to also Hex other players’ Mythical creatures directly and turn them into ordinary shrubbery.  The card Just For the Hex of It will simply Hex another player’s Mythical Creature, while the Sparkly Griffin will also cast a spell at the same time.

Players have to avoid hexing themselves with the spinner, which gives you a one in six chance of hexing one of the Mythical Creatures on your lawn.  Make sure you avoid landing on number two and screwing up a last-minute win!

Lastly, players will have to keep in mind the Regulations of the Homeowners Association or face their bureaucratic wrath.  Every once in a while you’ll be hit with random Regulations such as Regulation 5, which forces each player to discard a card every time a Creature enters their lawn.  Make sure you keep an eye on the Regulations in play to avoid being penalized!

Nefarious Neighbor Expansion

Runes & Regulations comes with an optional Nefarious Neighbor expansion that opens the original card game up to 5-8 players.  This card game expansion adds the new element of a dark sorcerer into the game, forcing everyone else to either team up against them or fight amongst themselves.  This evil entity will use their own standalone deck to steal Creatures from the other players and turn them into freaks of nature.

The rest of the players will have additional cards they can use to fight back against the Nefarious Neighbor.  Players will get player role cards that give them secret alternative win conditions, allowing you to sneak your way to victory without collecting 5 Mythical Creatures.  This card game expansion adds a new layer of depth to the original game and makes it perfect for bigger groups who want a little more action.

Runes and Regulations: Runes, Hexes, and Magic Abound

Runes & Regulations is a 2-4 player card game, although the Nefarious Neighbor expansion allows you to play with up to 8 players.  This card game is suitable for ages 6 and up, as the gameplay mechanics are family-friendly and relatively easy to understand.  Playing time lasts around an hour, although it will likely go on for longer if you use the expansion.

Buy Runes & Regulations today and enjoy the mythical delights of these fantastic creatures!



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