Someone Has Died: A Party Game To Stir The Imagination

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Will arbitration may not sound like a fun idea for a game, but Someone Has Died has turned what should be a somber affair into a wacky good time. Dust off those improv skills, because this game involves weaving some pretty wacky stories. If you’re looking for a social game where imagination is your greatest weapon, then Someone Has Died is about to become your new favorite game.

How It is Played

Gameplay starts at a will arbitration where each player must convince the keeper of the estate that they’re the most worthy person to receive the inheritance. You’ll pull cards that give you ridiculous backstories, forcing you to wield them against your fellow players in order to gain the riches you so rightly deserve. The fun of the game comes in the myriad of ways that you can win. You’re just as likely to get the riches by telling the funniest story as you are by being the most intimidating storyteller.

If you’re chosen to be the estate keeper, don’t worry—you’ll get to join in on the fun too. Come up with a tale of absurd tragedy as to how the “someone has died”, whether it’s as exotic as being mauled by a lion or as trivial as tripping over your own two feet. This game is perfect for parties, as everyone can join in on the fun and the fantasy. Spin a tale and gain the riches and the glory; the only limit is your own imagination!

Sounds great, right? Buy it right now and make your next family visit something to die for.



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