Pandemic: Save The World And Spread The Fun

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If worldwide apocalypse is your idea of a fun game night, you’ll love Pandemic. In this board game, several contagious diseases have broken out all over the world and it’s your job to find a cure. This game is full of strategy, luck and a race against the clock. Does your family have what it takes to save the world from plague?


Pandemic is a 2-4 player game for ages 8+. Playing time lasts around 45 minutes. The game board shows several major population centers, with each turn giving you a chance to choose from a deck of cards that lets you travel between cities, discover cures, and build research stations. Beware, however, as some of these cards will only accelerate the spread of disease!

Players must work together in different roles to defeat disease. Build research stations to find a cure as the Operations Expert, or cure a disease with fewer cards as the powerful Scientist. If time runs out or the disease spreads too far, that’s game over for everyone. Cure all four diseases and everyone wins! The stakes couldn’t be higher (or more fun).

Pandemic is an excellent game for families that tamps down the competitiveness and invites the spirit of cooperation. Inspire warring siblings to work together for the good of not just the family, but the entire world. Game night should be about bringing the family together, and nothing builds a team better than Pandemic.

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